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If you have entered via your telephone’s

mini-browser, switch to the WAP site by clicking here:  wap.2gmj.com or download GMJ  by clicking here.



Mobile News


Is suitable for all

        types of mobile


Has traffic tens of

        times lower than

        when using


Provides easy access

        to news, jokes, gags,


        dictionaries, polls.

The high degree of

        data compression

        lessens the payment

        for mobile internet


Delivers information

        several times faster

        than in a mini-browser


March 12, 2007 – GMJ release date. At present you can enjoy the following services: 34 news channels, 9 dictionaries and polls. Coming soon: mobile blogs! Look forward to new channels and services!


Free information portal on your mobile telephone
Please note, GMJ is a free programme for any mobile and no Mini-browser is required! 


Introducing  GMJ Mobile News:

GMJ is a free program that allows you to access news and other information from the Web using your mobile telephone. Essentially, it gives you a free information portal on your phone without the use of a mini-browser.

GMJ Mobile News puts information at your fingertips through your mobile phone. It’s much faster, more convenient and more compact than a mini-browser.

For the UK customers the payment for mobile internet access – due to the high degree of data compression – is usually no more than 4-6 pounds a month at the rates of Vodafone and Orange.

For the US customers, the payment for mobile internet access is no more than a few dollars a month using Internet access with payment per traffic without inclusive web traffic package. It can even be free of charge in most of the Data/Web/PDA tariff options with the inclusive traffic package of 1-5mb. The GMJ typical customer's traffic per month does not exceed 2mb without loading the pictures.

GMJ currently offers:


  • News (world, IT & Digital and much more)
  • Horoscopes
  • Jokes and gags
  • Dictionaries:

  1. English-French

  2. English-German
  3. English-Italian
  4. English-Russian
  5. English-Spanish
  6. French-English
  7. German-English
  8. German-Russian
  9. Italian-English
  10. Russian-English
  11. Russian-German
  12. Spanish-English
  13. Webster 1913
  14. Webster 1913 new
  • Blogs
  • Polls
  • Weather






The GMJ News Mission

We strongly believe that people would have happier lives if they had easy access to the latest jokes, toasts, horoscopes, advice, scam alerts and other important information.  GMJ News will not only focus on terror and crime—which we have plenty of—, but we will also present news that is good. There really are a lot of good things happening around us to share.

The Benefit of Installing GMJ Group Programmes

GMJ programmes have a number of facilities and advantages over a mini-browser, including:

    Ease of Use: It’s far easier and convenient to use than mini-browsers.

    Less Traffic: Traffic over the GMJ group programmes is tens of times lower than when the same information is viewed through a mini-browser on your telephone. The information is compressed tens of times over. The following free programmes are available today:

    o        GMJ Mobile News Description

    o        GMJ Weather – the weather for any region of the world Description

Fast: Imagine that you’re visiting friends and you have to raise a toast or tell an interesting joke. One look at you phone would be all you’d need to get the party going!

Look forward to new services on your mobile phone!

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